Oil Storage Terminals

Uvarovskaya Neftbaza operating an oil terminal in the commercial sea port in Russia and parts of Europe port.
These terminals are equipped with ultra-modern facilities, which intake of crude oil and oil products from rail tank cars, marine tankers and pipelines, each of our terminal is supported by our own up-to-date laboratory of oil products quality and quantity control.
These terminals serves as the theft of oil and oil tankers in our port of different operations, each of bunkering and oil website, was equipped with storage tanks of various capacities for storage of all types of petroleum, vapor generating capacity and technological pipelines for transportation of petroleum products between sites/tank and deliver it to tankers and bunkering vessels.





An oil tank farm with storage capacity about 119 500 m3, a berth for tankers and bunkering vessels up to 30 500 dwt, stations for discharging of oil products from railway tank-cars and road tankers, pumping house.





An oil tank farm with total storage capacity of 120.000 m3, wide network of internal railways, oil-processing plant, 3 railway stations for simultaneous processing of 70 railway tank-cars, 8 pumping houses, an automated blending unit.

Baltic port (Russia), Primorsk (operating terminal)


Primorsk Oil Terminal, one of the largest in the northwest of Russia. Uvarovskaya Neftbaza operates today as a modern multi-brunch enterprise, which intakes crude and oil products from the railway tank-cars, pipeline and sea tankers, performs their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers. The terminal consists of two oil handling sites with the total storage capacity of 495,000 m3, including 119,000 m3 of the own tanks.

Rotterdam port (Netherlands)

Uvarovskaya Neftbaza operates storage terminal for bulk liquids and located in the Port of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. The core activity of Uvarovskaya Neftbaza is the safe transportation , storage and handling of liquid bulk products and includes services such as blending, additivation, dyeing, heating, nitrogen blanketing and customs facilities.

Uvarovskaya Neftbaza has a strong focus on safety, sustainability, reliability and customer service. The current storage capacity consists of 390,000 cubic meters in 11 tanks, ranging from 1,000 to 92,000 m3, which are suitable for the storage of so-called Class 3 and 4 liquids such as fuel gas oils, biofuels, jet fuel and crude oil.

Houston Port (USA)




The storage tank located in HOUSTON port is the perfect base for clients from around the world. The storage tank terminal operates three different multi-purpose distillation units. The total storage capacity is more than 1,500,000 tons.